The Fate of the Universe

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License: Creative Commons Attribution The Fate of the Universe The Big Bangers
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18 Feb, 2009


The complete history of the universe, including the bits that haven’t happened yet.

Director's Notes:

Team The Big Bangers write:

We explain the ultimate fate of the universe in a fun and understandable way. We wanted to film something in which all our ideas could be contributed and they have been. We intertwine science fiction with science facts so when you watch this brilliant if not fantastic video you are left with a smile of your face and some extra knowledge on these physics theories.

SciCast Notes:

I like this sort of film: proper science, and properly silly too. In this case, complete with a Young Frankenstein reference, if I’m not very much mistaken.

The only real problem is technical: it’s hard to film in the dark, because there’s not enough light for the camera to produce a clear image. Obviously.

Great work, regardless.

— Jonathan.