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License: Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial Share-Alike Clara's Experiment C.E.J Explosion Maniacs
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18 Feb, 2009


A fizzy tablet drives a volcano model.

Director's Notes:

Team C.E.J Explosion Maniacs write:

Demonstration and explanation of the irreversible reaction of adding water to Alka Seltzer tablets in a volcano model.

SciCast Notes:

Good sound in this. We’ve had a whole bunch of films this year using variations on this reaction, in a volcano model; the quality of the sound, and the confidence of the performances, make this one stand out.

However, it’s slightly tricky to spot the decent sound through the slight nausea one develops from all the zooming in-and-out. Remember the basic rule: if you’re recording, leave the zoom where it is. If you need to see something in more detail, either move it towards the camera, or move the camera to it.

That aside, this is a decent little effort. My only real concern is that I prefer to see this demonstration done with lemon juice or vinegar and bicarbonate of soda. Most people use Alka Seltzer for it because they’re much more convenient, but really — it’s playing with medicines, isn’t it?

— Jonathan