The Human Ruler

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License: Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial Share-Alike The Human Ruler MVP & the Martians
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06 Feb, 2008


Estimating the speed of traffic using people as measurement markers.

Director's Notes:

Basically students form 1m divisions on a ‘human ruler’ as reference for measuring the speed of vehicles on film. You just need a camera on a tripod, metre rules, a road close to school for filming traffic and enthusiastic students!

If you try this, be careful about waving at passing traffic — you don’t want to distract drivers by appearing to flag them down.

Part of a set of three films showing different ways of measuring vehicle speed:

  1. The Human Ruler
  2. Time Within the Images
  3. Professor Light Gate

SciCast Notes:

A neat, simple film covering a neat, simple technique. Sometimes the easy approaches are the best.

— Jonathan