Vacuum Cleaner Bazooka

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License: Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial Share-Alike Vacuum Cleaner Bazooka Bazooka Shooters
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26 Apr, 2007


Bubble-wrap pellets and a suction-powered shooter in this action-packed ‘thing to make.’

Director's Notes:

Filmed at the very first SciCast workshop, back in the winter of 2006, this film was an example of so many things happening — and going wrong — that I never thought we’d get a usable film out of it. Getting the vacuum cleaner launcher to work was tricky, and we couldn’t start filming until we thought we had something that was repeatable. Not an easy day.

The team did a cracking job, however. Sure, the camerawork’s all a bit wobbly, but in some ways that captures the movement and pace of the action. I’m most impressed by all the clever little touches — blowing the tube at the end, cowboy-style, and the low-angle shot where the camera gets hit in particular.

Could it be better? Sure. We were all learning, though.

— Jonathan.