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A few weeks ago we had the pleasure of attending another amazing awards ceremony for short science films: SciCast North Somerset 2011.

The North Somerset Council, through the North Somerset Independent State School Partnership, started running this local version of SciCast in secondary schools last year. This year it returned with 19 entries made by 93 students from 10 schools. Impressive!

The showcase event was held at the Curzon Cinema in Clevedon, North Somerset. We sat in the world oldest continually-running purpose-built cinema — opened way back in 1912 — eating popcorn and drinking coke whilst watching this year’s films on the big screen.

From eggs and cheddar cheese to parachuting hamsters, the two tightly-fought categories were: Best Picture and Best Scientific Explanation. Congratulations to everyone, and especially to the winners and commended teams.

Huge thanks to the organiser Mark Nelson and his lovely team. We hope we’ll be sharing all the fantastic films we saw here on SciCast, where they have the chance to be recognised nationally. If you haven’t submitted yours yet, please do!

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