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License: Creative Commons Attribution Under Pressure! Anumita and Co.
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15 Jun, 2011


Energy transfer, pressure, and the classic egg-in-a-bottle trick.

Director's Notes:

A film regarding the gas laws, and in paticular the pressure law, with an eggs-tordinary experiment.

SciCast Notes:

A nice straight lecture this, but with just enough lunacy to feel like a SciCast film. Great presentation, and a lovely version of the egg-in-a-bottle trick, which is harder to repeat than you might think. The explanation might be a teensy bit wayward in places, but it’s not far off.

So — good demo, nicely-structured film, great presenting. Not bally bad.

— Jonathan

1 comment:

Anand wrote, on 17 June, 2011:

Egcellant film , simple straight forward information , fun to watch , it's a sure win