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License: Creative Commons Attribution The X Statics The X Statics
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14 Jun, 2011


Electrostatics, talent-show style.

Director's Notes:

Team The XStatics write:

Hair raising fun with Ruby and the gang.

Winner: Best Presentation, 2011

SciCast Notes:

How cute is Ruby? I love the ridiculous pose at 2:00, too, followed by “Wait for me!”

Fab. And a clapperboard, there’s posh for you.

— Jonathan


Shannon wrote, on 25 July, 2011:

A wonderful film! These children make science fun!

John wrote, on 2 August, 2011:

Great fun. Let's see Ruby again. But not sure the fake American accents from the boys helped. Subtitles would be useful. Linking the fun science to practical applications would take the ideas forward.

Naz wrote, on 3 August, 2011:

Brilliant film! You have put across some science ideas in a really entertaining away. The accents add to the "nutty professor" feel. A great achievement given your ages. Well done to the cast and the crew.

George wrote, on 4 August, 2011:

Great fun!
Made my hair stand on end.

Seeing water flow naturally, before the balloon was introduced would have been more convincing.