The Laser

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License: Creative Commons Attribution The Laser Chris and Alison Munro
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20 Jun, 2011


How lasers can be used to play CDs, or to shoot down a hostile alien battle fleet.

Director's Notes:

Don’t Panic! Here’s a film to explain how to ward off evil alien invaders using a LASER… as inspired by Douglas Adams.

Chris was a L6 Former at St Albans School, and devised the film during the post-AS summer project period. Alison, his younger sister, worked from home and assisted with the graphics. Structure and guidance was provided by the teachers, but conception and creation of this film is entirely the work of the students.

Nominee: Creative & Technical Achievement, 2011

Winner: IOP Best Physics Film (Secondary), 2011

Winner: Best Film (Secondary), 2011

SciCast Notes:

Wow. This is a bit good.

— Jonathan


Anon wrote, on 20 June, 2011:

Friggin LASERS!

John Clinch wrote, on 18 July, 2011:

This is just a fantastic film. I loved the graphics

Chris Clay wrote, on 23 July, 2011:

Worthy winners, very well done!