Newton’s Laws

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License: Creative Commons Attribution Newton's Laws Jonny, Jack, Stuart and Matt
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14 Jun, 2011


One rocket, three laws of motion, one tripod only slightly damaged. Result!

Director's Notes:

Isaac Newton never saw a space rocket, but we’d like to think that if he did he’d use it to explain the laws of motion like this.

Jack Hampson, Stuart Reid and Matthew Fletcher made this film as part of their L6 summer projects. Jonny was an alumnus of the school who popped in to lend a hand with the ‘teaching’. Structure and guidance was provided by the teachers, but the conception and creation of the film was entirely the work of the students (and old boy!).

Nominee: Best Presentation, 2011

SciCast Notes:

They’ve had far too much fun launching all those rockets, haven’t they?

Nice range of shots, love the closing sequence, and nice demonstration of the physics. What more could we ask?

— Jonathan


Elin wrote, on 15 June, 2011:

I love the credits. Great to see the dynamic of the group in action.

Helen wrote, on 21 June, 2011:

Cool!! :) Simple, and perfectly funny.