Moonlings Investigate Alien Space Junk

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License: Creative Commons Attribution Moonlings Investigate Alien Space Junk Lurgan Junior High School
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14 Jun, 2011


The aliens are invading to save us from ourselves. If they can find their way to Earth.

Director's Notes:

Moonlings discuss space junk and pluto, written by second year pupils aged 12-13.

SciCast Notes:

Sometimes I wonder if every school has silver-spacesuit-and-pink-wig costumes. You know, just kicking around, in case they need to… um… well, do things like this, I guess.

Anyway — lots of work here, writing and rehearsing. I’ve no idea what’s going on but the back-projection is fun, there are some good jokes, and lots of solar system information is spread through.

Technically too long for the competition, but that’s not going to stop us enjoying it, right? It’s good to know that aliens have sandwiches, too.

— Jonathan


Nigel Bieber wrote, on 15 June, 2011:

I think this is really good i think you deserve to win!! keep on acting!!!

Nigel Bieber wrote, on 4 February, 2012:

very very very disapointed this didnt win..