Material Choice

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10 Jun, 2011


A presentation about the choice of materials for artificial bone.

Director's Notes:

Girls from Colston’s Girls’ School were asked to produce a presentation on a topic from their A-level Physics syllabus, relating it to everyday lives. As the PaperClip Physics Challenge no longer exists, it was agreed that the winners of the inter-school competition would be entered into SciCast.

Students and a Professor from Bristol University acted as judges and chose this group as the winning entry, for their presentation on ‘Material Choice.’

SciCast Notes:

Ah, the peril of the camera being at one end of the room and the speakers being at the other: microphones only really work when in close proximity to the sound source, so in this case it’s rather hard to hear what’s being said. It’s also difficult to see the slides in enough detail.

…all of which is a pity, because one suspects this is a polished presentation. We had quite a few films like this in the first year of SciCast, from schools who’d done well in the IOP’s previous PaperClip Physics competition. The style of film has evolved over the years, it’s worth looking back to see what’s changed.

Lots of effort has gone into this, it’s just a shame the film masks some of it.

— Jonathan.