Ice Lift

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21 Jun, 2011


Lifting an ice cube using string and… salt?

Director's Notes:

This shows how amazing water is! Pouring salt on an ice cube to lower the freezing point we can use only string to lift the ice cube, as the freezing point rises back to 0 degrees C.

From Institute of Physics postcards.

Nominee: IOP Best Physics Film (Primary), 2011

SciCast Notes:

I love how shamelessly contrived this is. Wonderful.

Good clear camerawork, and I love that the demonstration is done in one shot. No cheating here! Great stuff.

Don’t drink the glass of water afterwards, though.

— Jonathan

1 comment:

Ollie Kasunmu wrote, on 5 July, 2011:

An excellent video. I really enjoyed the demo! But please don't drink the water!!!!