Groovy Lava

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License: Creative Commons Attribution Groovy Lava Happy Hippies
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21 Jun, 2011


How lava lamps work, and a similar effect you can produce in your kitchen.

Director's Notes:

Go back in time to the peace and love of the 60s and join our happy hippies as they investigate the science behind the lava lamp. Groovy! Experiment based on science homework sheet given out to year 8 pupils from Halliford School, Sunbury.

SciCast Notes:

Woah! You know what I find really amazing about this film? Not the good experiment, the well-rehearsed performances, the tight script, the clear explanations, or the steady camerawork.

No, it’s that this school has a completely different range of wigs to every other school we’ve seen on SciCast. Really, look around. Amazing.