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21 Jun, 2011


Moving data across the internet - explained with Brio!

Director's Notes:

Describes, in the medium of Brio, how emails are sent across the internet as packets using different routes.

More notes on packet switched networks

Winner: Best Engineering Film, 2011

SciCast Notes:

I’m jealous. Deeply jealous. That’s a lot of Brio.

Anyway — I love this. It covers a complex bit of engineering clearly, and it’s deeply silly. Sounds like a SciCast film to me!

— Jonathan


Elin wrote, on 23 June, 2011:

Editing by Auntie Katie. Brilliant!

Doc Spencer wrote, on 24 June, 2011:

Great explanation!

Glyn wrote, on 20 December, 2011:

Really liked this one - great idea and really well explained with cool music too! Thank you

Wow! I love this explanation, so clear simple and yet powerful plus it's really funny and engaging! If you don't mind I'd like to show it to the students I train to become science communicators so they can see how to explain a complicated idea in a simple way. Well done!