Chasing Climatic Change

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License: Creative Commons Attribution Chasing Climatic Change Palaeoecology Putterer
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14 Jun, 2011


The effects of climate change on animals, from mammoths to polar bears.

Director's Notes:

There is growing worry about the effects of accelerated climatic change into the future. However the world’s climate has been constantly changing.

Here we look at the past, present and future responses of animals to climatic change.

Nominee: Best Earth Science & Environment Film, 2011

SciCast Notes:

We love receiving films from academics, particularly when they’re just as stylish as those from schools. Phyliida, who sent this in, is a scientist at Durham University.

One of the cutest mammoths we’ve seen (though the one in A Mammoth Idea runs it close), and I simply adore the line “Mammoths are not designed for woodland living.”

— Jonathan

1 comment:

Nicky wrote, on 20 June, 2011:

I love your Polar Bear! and you sound so posh and eloquent! :) xx