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License: Creative Commons Attribution Bob the bird Bob's Birds
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06 Jun, 2011


Animation explaining how birds get away with sitting on an electric wire.

Director's Notes:

Here’s our video explaining why birds are able to sit on a wire without getting electrocuted, enjoy!

Nominee: IOP Best Physics Film (Secondary), 2011

SciCast Notes:

Ooh, now this was an interesting film. It was composed not as a presentation in Powerpoint or the like, but as a program in the Scratch environment. I’ll confess it took me a while to work out how to export it as a movie the rest of you could watch, but I’m really excited by the approach. Scratch is a terrific system for learning the fundamentals of programming, and using it in this way is mighty clever.

It’s a cracking film, too, with a quirky script, charming graphics, and a pretty good explanation. Nice.

— Jonathan


My kids were discussing this very issue a couple of days ago when we were coming home in the car. They are only little, so the technical bits on potential difference etc were a bit over their heads, but they really liked the video, and have asked for repeat viewings, so it must be good!

Phyllida Holliday wrote, on 19 June, 2011:

Fantastic animation with great information. Esepcially proud being an old-Nonsuchian!

Janet wrote, on 2 July, 2011:

A good many valulbeas you've given me.