Conservation of Momentum

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License: Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial Share-Alike Conservation of Momentum Ramber
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01 Nov, 2010


A clear explanation of a sometimes-tricky concept.

Director's Notes:

When our teacher first mentioned the video competition, out attention was immediatelly grabbed. We immediately started planning the video and began filming soon after. We really enjoy Physics, so this added to the excitment of class.

We chose to make our video about conservation on momentum because we were researching themes. This one appealed to us the most. The snooker balls made perfect sense to use once we had it explained to us fully. We hope you like it as we worked very hard on it.

SciCast Notes:

Great close-ups in this. They make a huge difference to a film of this sort — it’s easy for it to become too ‘dry’, but a good close-up buys you a surprising amount of time to get your physics across. Nicely played, here.

— Jonathan.