Magnetism in Action

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License: Creative Commons Attribution Magnetism in Action Eagle Eye 6
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20 Jan, 2009


An introduction to magnets and their properties

Director's Notes:

The girls are demonstrating magnetic fields, attraction and repulsion and how to make a magnet. When editing the footage we found that there was waaaay too much and only with some heavy duty editing were we able to get the film down to 2m29s (and 18 frames!!).

SciCast Notes:

It’s hard to know how much material ‘two and a half minutes’ represents. If you reckon that people speak at about four words a second, you have potentially around 600 words you could squeeze in. That’s quite a lot, really.

Of course, in practice you’d expect to have no more than about half that number of words in your film, at most, by the time we’ve spent valuable seconds admiring your beautiful cinematography. But 300 words is still the length of a decent newspaper article, for example. Heck, this blurb I’m writing here is only 119 words — think what you could do with 300!

Anyway, I like this film. It crams lots in, and is nice and clear. Words of advice? If you have a lot to say, remember not to let your voice tail off towards the end. Microphones need lots of energy from you to give them a chance of capturing what you’re saying.

— Jonathan