I’m Forever Blowing Bubbles

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License: Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial Share-Alike I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles The Latchkids
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06 Feb, 2008


How to capture soap bubbles on a cushion of carbon dioxide.

Director's Notes:

The experiment is taken from this page, which covers the science in some detail, including why the bubbles start to sink.

SciCast Notes:

This can be a fiddly experiment to set up — you need to be extremely careful about draughts, for one thing. So it’s nicely executed here, and the close-ups of soap bubbles are particularly lovely.

I’d have liked to have seen close-ups earlier on, when the vinegar is first added to the bicarbonate of soda, but it’s not as if what’s being done is unclear.

What’s particularly pleasing is showing a partial failure, the fix, and eventual success — it’s hard to get experimental process into a short period of time, but this film manages it. Well done.

— Jonathan.