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License: Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial Share-Alike The Presenter Jonathan Sanderson
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20 Apr, 2007


A presenter at the Museum for Science and Industry, Manchester, is chased by an evil polystyrene glider.

Director's Notes:

David and I spent an hour or so very carefully filming him making one of these polystyrene gliders, which was pretty intense work. Trying to film them flying, however, was even more difficult, and we struggled to get any decent shots at all. So we came up with this, which is at least a bit of a giggle.

The running shots were taken using a piece of kit called a ‘Fig Rig,’ named after film director Mike Figgis. It’s a ring-shaped handle with the camera attached inside the ring, which forces you to hold the camera in a certain way. The result is a bit like a cheap version of a Steadicam rig, and is very useful indeed.

SciCast Notes:

For anyone too young to remember The Prisoner, my apologies - but hey, making this film kept David and I happy at the end of a sweltering afternoon.

I’m quite pleased with the end result. Putting chase sequences together is surprisingly hard - this is the first one I’ve done, I think, and I’m happy with how it turned out, but there’s loads of stuff I shot that didn’t fit in the final film. One tip is to try to keep all the action moving in the same direction - in from the left, out to the right, for example.

The music also took a long time to sort. I wanted something like the Prisoner theme, but obviously couldn’t use the original. Now, I’m no musician, but after a few hours in Garageband I ended up with what you hear here. I’m unreasonably proud of myself.

— Jonathan.