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Andrew Hanson at the National Physical Laboratory has been busy again, cutting together this film of the brilliant Richmond Science Film Festival, held late last year.

You’ll see lots of Richmond films appearing on the SciCast website in the coming days and weeks, and they’ll be back for even more with their 2009 event this autumn.

Also watch out for at least one more SciCast-affiliated regional competition. Details soon!


You may have noticed, over on the main site, a bit of a development.

That’s right, the floodgates are open, and new films are pouring — mark you, pouring — in, and will continue to do so for the next few days.

Take a look, and don’t forget to leave comments for the film-makers to read.

I won’t flood this blog with updates every time I publish a film, but if you want that level of detail you’ll find it at our Twitter page. At the time of writing, it’s pointing you to the wonderful Immiscible Love Story.


Yes, we know, it’s been ages. However, I’m now back at home base, with a hard drive loaded with a huge number of all-new films. There’s singing. There’s dancing. There are explosions. There are quite ridiculous sunglasses, balloons that never really inflate, comedy farmers, aerial cameras, an explanation of how warp drive works, an advert for baking powder, and an immiscible love story. Plus 150 other films.

I should publish a few before the end of the week, with the deluge proper starting next week. So keep watching.

Also: if you’ve submitted a film, keep watching your email. We may need to contact you to check things like sources of music you’ve used.


Oops. In all the busy busy last week, I forgot to post here to the effect that we were exhibiting at the ASE Conference in Reading. Still, several of you worked it out, and stopped by our stand to say hello. It was lovely to meet so many SciCasters, and particularly gratifying to have our enthusiasm reflected back at us.

I rather lost count of the times when I was explaining the project to one teacher when another came up and gushed about how much their students had enjoyed it — excellent work, you lot. Your cheques are in the post, as they say.

We also had some excellent ad-hoc meetings, with everyone from the research councils folks two stands down, to SciCast alumnus Matthew Tosh (who now runs the BA’s network of after-school science clubs, henceforth known as ‘ToshClubs’), and Science Learning Centres people.

Speaking of whom: want to see our (in?)famous video skills CPD workshops in your local SLC? Pester them! We didn’t manage to make it happen when we last did a teachers’ workshop tour, but they’re sounding very positive on the concept now.

Right, back to inputting film submissions for me… more soon.

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