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New films… coming


Yes, we know, it’s been ages. However, I’m now back at home base, with a hard drive loaded with a huge number of all-new films. There’s singing. There’s dancing. There are explosions. There are quite ridiculous sunglasses, balloons that never really inflate, comedy farmers, aerial cameras, an explanation of how warp drive works, an advert for baking powder, and an immiscible love story. Plus 150 other films.

I should publish a few before the end of the week, with the deluge proper starting next week. So keep watching.

Also: if you’ve submitted a film, keep watching your email. We may need to contact you to check things like sources of music you’ve used.


Bob wrote, on 15 January, 2009:

Now I can't wait to see the new films even more. I hope you will upload at least a few of them today to satisfy our curiosity.

Adam wrote, on 16 January, 2009:

Wow! 150 films? That is a lot! How many films did you have last year?

Bob wrote, on 20 January, 2009:

Still no new films? I was hoping to see something by the end of LAST week :-(

Jonathan wrote, on 20 January, 2009:

Me too, but I've been having trouble getting into the website. Ah, irony. Looks like things might be fixed now, however. Fingers crossed.

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