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2011 Competition Update


Here’s where we’re at:

  • Physics judging is underway, with results from the IOP’s panel starting to trickle their way to SciCast Orbiting World Headquarters. Woohoo!
  • We’re chasing the last few details for the last few films, then we’ll put together shortlists for all the other categories.
  • We’re hoping to announce the category nominations on Friday 3rd June.

If you started submitting a film but haven’t actually, you know, sent it in yet, you still stand a very slim chance of making it into this year’s competition if you upload it right now. If you’re having problems with the upload system, email us. Immediately!

You’ll noticed that we’ve not yet published any 2011 films, thanks to our last-minute and entirely unplanned switch to a completely different film archive. We’ve still a little work to do making sure all the previous films are there — at last count we had 50 films still to post. Many of these are films that broke, didn’t display, fell off, were mysteriously deleted from, or plain didn’t work in our old archive, so you’ll be seeing them for the first time.

So: enjoy the new old films, and we’ll get the new new films on the site just as soon as we’ve caught up.


Henry wrote, on 3 June, 2011:

I hope we heard about the nominations today :)

Chris wrote, on 3 June, 2011:

Me too! :)

Henry wrote, on 6 June, 2011:

I guess we'll have to keep on waiting for a while longer

Amber wrote, on 6 June, 2011:

I hope soon :)

Yup, just a little while longer, folks. It's been a mammoth job building the new film archive and getting all the films moved across, which has rather slowed us down.

We'll announce the nominations just as soon as we can, and in the meantime we've today started publishing 2011 entries. You'll see more all the way through the week. Enjoy!

Anna wrote, on 26 June, 2011:

When might we expect the nominations now?

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