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Spinning things


Jaded old coot that I am, I don’t often see demonstrations that are new to me. So this film has made my day. Things I think could be better:

  1. Clamp or at least brace a (probably rather slow) power drill. I think the movement of the centre of rotation rather spoils the effect, or at least clouds the argument.
  2. A long-exposure photograph should show very lovely trails, which might make it easier to see that the sparks are moving radially (plus or minus a little momentum as they’re ejected from the sparkler). Even better if you can arrange everything vertically.

Sounds like a wonderful idea for a beautiful and useful SciCast film. We’re too good to you.

Obviously: burning things, so schools will want to complete a risk assessment and at home you’ll want to keep anything flammable well away, even with ‘indoor’ sparklers. Eye protection would be a good idea. Think carefully about other things we may not have caught here.

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