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Awards 2008 photos are back!


Award You might have noticed these creeping in over the last few days, but: they’re back! It’s a slightly different set of photos to before, so if you’re missing one you particularly wanted please drop us a line.

Good places to start are the Ceremony and Reception sets, or just dive in to the full album. As before, if you click through to individual photos you’ll find an ‘all sizes’ button that allows you to download large versions for printing.

We took the photos down, by the way, because we’d casually given everyone at the event a name badge. Since we’ve spent the last two years trying very hard to avoid publishing likeness, name and school for individual children, this wasn’t the brightest thing we’ve done. This new set of photos, then, has names painted out (some more neatly than others, I’m sorry to say), and next year the badges will be first names only.

Live and learn, eh?

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