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Awards 2008 Nominees


Here are the Nominations for the Planet SciCast Awards 2008:

Best Chemistry Film

Best Biology Film

The Institute of Physics’ Best SciCast Physics Film
(all winners of the regional SciCast Physics Awards)

Best Engineering Film

Best Entertainment Film

Best Film by a Team which includes Primary School Students

Best Film by an All-Adults Team

Best Technical and Artistic Achievement

Best Unpublishable Film
(This is an additional category to recognise some of the terrific films which were entered, but unfortunately can’t be published. In some cases this is because the experiments portrayed look too dangerous to repeat, but usually it’s a result of the films using still photographs, video material, and particularly music that aren’t licensed for publication.)

  • Methane Bubbles — The Boyz In Green
  • How to Curl a Football — St Pauls Sports Science Team
  • Bermuda Triangle — M & H Productions
  • Electricity Through Glass — Coseley TV

Best Film, the Juror’s Grand Prize


Nominees will receive certificates, together with invitations to the glittering Awards Ceremony, details of which will be announced shortly. Category winners will be announced at the Ceremony: winning teams will receive individual medals and a coveted ‘SciCastie’ block award, along with Amazon vouchers worth £250.

Congratulations and good luck to all the nominees, and our thanks to everyone who submitted a film.

Meanwhile… it’s time to start planning your entry for next year’s Awards!

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