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As we stagger towards offering you proper, high-quality downloads of SciCast movies (yes, downloads are coming. Promise promise promise), this query appeared in our email inbox:

We use ClickView, a digital video library tool to share video resource across the school. Would it be OK to place your films onto our digital library once downloaded?


We're publishing everything under Creative Commons licenses and you're positively encouraged to do this sort of thing. Hack the films up, join them together with other material, burn them to DVD, archive them, embed them in Powerpoint slideshows, hand your versions around at conferences – anything and everything you like.

The only caveats are:
  • You acknowledge, somewhere, the source of the material.
  • You don't sell the results for a profit. Duplication and distribution costs are fine, but no sneaky worldwide broadcast with advertising!
  • You make your versions available under the same terms (for example: if you hand somebody SciCast films on DVD, you don't prevent them from handing on another copy).
Do let us know how you're using SciCast films – leave a comment here, or send us an email. If you're using a film in the classroom, chuck a note on that film's comments – it's useful to know what's working and what isn't, but it's also tremendously satisfying for the film-makers to know their work is being used.


steffan tudor wrote, on 19 December, 2007:

When I try to watch the films, most of them come on with sound only. A few do work fine. I think its the ones with Quicktime that are a problem. Could you tell me how to solve this please?
I am a physics teacher in Ysgol Glan Clwyd and am sure these videos would come in handy. I am interested in entrying films in the future although January 4th is now too soon.
Hoping to hear from you soon,

Sorry to hear that Steffan - thanks for contacting us.

This is one of the reasons we're moving to Flash video - while it has its own problems, too many people seem to have broken Quicktime installations. In most cases the cause seems to be an old version of Quicktime that's been trashed by more recent updates to Windows Media Player, Flash, or Real Player; updating or reinstalling Quicktime from this site will fix the problem.

However, as we update all the early films you should be able to see more and more of them - and we'll be making downloads available as both Quicktime and Windows Media Video, so something should work for you!

Also, we'll be taking submissions right through next year, so films submitted after 4th Jan should be eligible for the 2008/9 SciCast Awards.

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