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Comments working!

Apologies to anyone who tried to leave comments here in the last week or so: I'd managed to break something, as you'll have seen from the cryptic error message. Now fixed, I think.


Aurora Emily Lee wrote, on 14 January, 2008:

Hi this is a great site but I submitted something ages ago and it's still not up. Why?

Hi Aurora - I hope you see this. The email address you commented with doesn't work, and for practical and security reasons I don't have routine access to contact details for submitted films. So, unfortunately, I've no idea which film is yours!

Could you drop me a line (to with your film's title, and if you can find it the reference number you should have received when you filled in all the forms. It'll most likely be something like 'SciCast_A1234' or similar.

Chances are I'm just being (a.) rubbish and (b.) swamped, but it's possible something else might have gone wrong, so it's worth chasing up and finding out what happened.


— Jonathan

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