SciCast – Background



Some comments from nominees and their escorts, at our Awards events:

“We all had a really brilliant time and it was great fun watching the other teams’ films. We thought the standard of films was incredibly high and that, without doubt, they’ll make an invaluable science education resource. My team of film-makers were spellbound by what they saw and were so inspired, they are planning next year’s entry already! Thank you very much for organising this super event and for promoting science in such an innovative and excellent way.”

“The SciCast project has given me the chance to try something new. Having never made a short film before, it was a new experience and one that I greatly enjoyed. Even though my team did not win an award, we were pleased to have been nominated and enjoyed seeing the videos of the competition that eventually beat us!”
School Student

“It was a wonderful experience for us as parents and an even better experience for the boys as they won. The venue was wonderful — the boys loved the whole experience — including the food — and they felt good when the organiser came and spoke to them personally.”

“I had tremendous fun both making the film and attending the ceremony. Keep up the good work!”
University Student

“SciCast is a great opportunity to do science outside of the curriculum and integrate media skills with science. Our students look forward to making the films and already have plans for films to submit next year.”
Senior Technician

“Inspiring. We are already planning our next movie and some of the team are thinking of starting this professionally.
“Great ceremony and location. This is what the Academy Awards must feel like!”

Some overheard quotes:

Child — “I’ll remember this day ‘til I’m 83”

Teacher — “This is great, it’s usually the kids who do drama or art that get this kind of treat.”