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At SciCast’s orbiting world headquarters we’re big fans of Canon’s range of video cameras. While we like the Flip range around the £100 mark, we really really like Canon’s flash card, hard drive, and HDV cameras, for three very simple reasons:

  1. They’re competitively priced.
  2. They’re at least comparable in picture quality to other cameras around the same price.
  3. They have microphone input sockets.

That last is key. Really key. Very very key. Built-in microphones are one thing, but being able to plug in a cheap lapel microphone makes a huge difference.

Right now, we’ve a fourth reason to like Canon’s cameras: they’re doing a cashback offer. £50 back on high-definition models like the HF100, and £30 back on the standard-definition FS100.

The offer’s valid until January 12th 2009, and you’ll find honest reviews of these cameras at Look, we’ll even point you straight there: HF100, FS100.

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