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Here are the Nominations for the Planet SciCast Awards 2009. Not all these films are viewable yet — we’ll be catching up as quickly as we can, so keep checking back to see which new ones we’ve published!

Best Presenter 2009

Award for Technical & Artistic Achievement 2009

Flipside Most Entertaining Film 2009

Best Original Score 2009

Best Chemistry Film 2009

Best Earth Science and Environment Film 2009

Best Biology Film 2009

The Engineering and Technology Board Best Engineering Film 2009

The Institute of Physics’ Best SciCast Physics Film 2009

EPSRC Best Film (Adults) 2009

Best Film (Primary) 2009

Best Film (Secondary) 2009


Nominees will receive certificates, together with invitations to the glittering Awards Ceremony, to be held at the Royal Institution in London on 30th March 2009. Category winners will be announced at the Ceremony: winning teams will receive individual mini-awards and a coveted ‘SciCastie’ block award for the team, along with Amazon vouchers.

Congratulations and good luck to all the nominees, and our thanks to everyone who submitted a film.


The Big Bang Fair is wrapping up, which means we finally have a bit of quiet (well, apart from people dismantling exhibition stands all around us…) to write up the nominations list.

Here we go…


2pm today. That’s the plan.

OOooooooh… suspense.

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