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Due to popular demand, we're going to sneak a little information out about the 2009 Awards. Judging is happening now (Iain Stewart tells us he's watching the films from internet cafés in South-East Iran. Gosh), and if you haven't seen your film on the main site yet, don't panic - the judges have a special site just for them, which has all the 2008/9 films.

We're planning to announce the nominations next Friday, 6th March, here on the blog. Some of the precise wording of the category names might change (which is to say: you never quite know what's going to be written on a trophy until it comes back from the engravers), but more-or-less the categories are:

  • Best Presenter 2009
  • Best Original Score 2009
  • Award for Technical and Artistic Achievement 2009
  • Best Biology Film 2009
  • Best Chemistry Film 2009
  • Best Earth Science and Environment Film 2009
  • The Engineering and Technology Board Best Engineering Film 2009
  • The Flipside Most Entertaining Film 2009
  • The Institute of Physics Best Physics Film 2009
  • EPSRC Best Film (Adults) 2009
  • Best Film (Primary) 2009
  • Best Film (Secondary) 2009

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