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A word about the Awards event


The next post to appear on this blog will announce the Nominees for the SciCast Awards 2011. Before that, I want to say a few words about this year’s Awards Ceremony:

There won’t be one.

Previously, we’ve held events at the IET and the Royal Institution, big glossy red-carpet parties that have been huge fun, and have given us a fitting opportunity to celebrate the makers of the best SciCast films.

If you’ve been following along with SciCast’s own story, however, you’ll know that our principle funding concluded last year, and since then we’ve been running on the last dregs of cash (plus a welcome injection from our stalwart friends at the Institute of Physics) whilst we try to secure funding for 2012 and beyond. Most of you had already guessed there wouldn’t be an event this year, and indeed we’ve said as much in previous blog posts. However, there’s always been just that little bit of hope, so it was time for us to be unequivocal.

We’ve had some extremely gratifying interest in SciCast and all is not lost… but we don’t have funding for an awards ceremony this year. It’s not going to happen.

For our worthy nominees: we’re sorry. We wish we could treat you to the same fantastic experience your predecessors have had, tell you how awesome you are face-to-face, and show your films on the big screen to let you see the effect they have on other people.

For everyone else: please help us make the nominees feel special. Watch their films, leave comments, tell your friends about them, cheer the teams on.

Thank you all for your understanding.

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