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TeachMeet is an organised — but informal — meeting for teachers and other education professionals to share their ideas and experiences of what works in practice. Share good practice, discuss practical innovations and contribute personal insights in teaching with technology.

Currently, the STEM Clubs Network is hosting events across the UK. If you’re a teacher and enjoyed making films for SciCast, why not share your experience at a STEM TeachMeet in your area?

The events are open to anyone and free of charge.


Looks like we have some problems with our video hosting this morning. As in: it doesn’t work.

Turns out the whole hosting company has dropped off the web, which usually means alarms are going off and dozens of engineers are battling to solve whatever the problem is. Let’s give them some time before we panic.

[update: oops, forgot to mention this was fixed. You worked that out for yourselves, right?]


dc-badge.gif There are quite a number of SciCast-related competitions spread around the UK and the world. Some we know about, but most forget to tell us. Perhaps they think we’ll get all stroppy with them, we’re not sure.

The latest one we’ve heard about is going on right now in Dubai, organised by Dubai College. They’ve a bunch of pages about their competition starting here; looks like they’re using exactly our rules, only entering and judging via a YouTube channel.

Best of luck to all entrants — we hope the organisers will get in touch and tell us how it’s going.

For the avoidance of doubt, however: the Dubai College competition isn’t an official SciCast affiliate, and we’re not involved in their project. They’ve used part of our graphics on their YouTube page, but that’s nothing to do with us.

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