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Site outage: update


An update on the ‘where have the films gone?’ situation: our web hosts hope to have the film archive back up tomorrow, fingers crossed. You’ll know they’ve been successful if the film player on the front page suddenly starts working.

Meanwhile, we’re pushing ahead with what we hope will be a more complete solution — a totally new film archive. It’ll be a bit of a rush job at first, but since we’ll have access to all the page logic and templates we should be able to tweak things a little. We may even, finally, be able to (whisper it) make the films available for download.

I know, I’ll believe that when I see it, too.

We’re still hacking away at page template code making the new site work at least vaguely, and we’ve just started a new compression render of all SciCast films in a much larger and higher-quality format. Back-of-the-envelope, we reckon compressing this many films is going to take at least one CPU-week. Ouch.

Then we’ll have to repost all the films on the new system. So hang in there, we’re going as quickly as we can.

Besides, you’re all too busy making films for this year’s competition to fret about where the old ones have gone, right?

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