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It’s all new!


The fabled SciCast Pack, from 2009

SciCast has a shiny new web server, a whole new publishing system, throughly revamped everything and — get this! — a front page to the site!

Remember that old front page? The one that appeared mysteriously, redirected you to the films, and to which you could never return? Until it showed up again weeks later? Yes? Well, we think we’ve banished it. In its place, a shiny new front page that showcases some choice films and makes the latest news much more prominent. Which means we’ll have to update this blog far more frequently.

We’ve revamped everything else, too — all the pages about the competition, Film School, the works. The best bit? All the films are in exactly the same places, so if you have any links to them, they should all work.

There are bound to be some teething problems, things we’ve missed, typos, and broken links. Drop us a comment if you spot anything, or email theteam[at] It’s worth giving you our email address, as we might have broken the comment system. Ahem.

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