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Awards 2010 photographs



Photos are up!

Last night I posted a few hundred photos from last Friday’s Awards event to our Flickr account. So far the formal team portraits are up (not that many of them are particularly ‘formal’ as such — it looks like photographer Laura Mtungwazi is as mad as you lot). I’ve also sorted through stills from the event and reception, so you’ll find lots of photos of people eating cake and messing about with balloons, and of me looking nervous from earlier in the day.

Still to come are pictures from the ceremony itself, which I’ll sort through as soon as I can. I’ll also get cracking on tagging and titling and all that jazz.

Meanwhile, if you’ve any photos yourself that you’d like others to see, and you’re a Flickr user, tag them with ‘scicast’ and we’ll invite them to the group pool. Or just add them to the pool yourself. Thanks!

I’m off to a conference for a few days, but over the weekend I’ll try to match up people and films, so you’ll see little thumbnails like those below appear over on the main site.

IMG_9639 IMG_9619 IMG_9616 IMG_9557 IMG_9534 IMG_9522

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