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The submission deadline for SciCast 2010 is: TOMORROW!

Wait — for many schools that’s right at the end of the Easter holidays, and hence about the worst possible date we could have picked. Can we be serious? Well, no, not really.

We checked and re-checked when picking the date, double-checked and checked again, and still Easter has ended up leaping out of nowhere and ambushing us. Sorry about that. However, we’ve always been a little… flexible about our deadlines.

If you want to enter but can’t quite do it in time, go to the submission page and start the process, then upload your film and post us the paperwork as soon as you can.

So long as everything arrives next week you should be fine — the week after may be pushing things too far, but if there are particular circumstances you can’t avoid then drop us a line and we’ll do our very best to accommodate you.


Mohammed Shoaib wrote, on 17 April, 2010:

um hi. i was trying to upload my film but it does seem to upload. its an mp4 file and only 26 mb. please help me as i want to enter the competition

Jonathan wrote, on 17 April, 2010:

Hi Mohammed! I'm not sure what's gone wrong here, but I have a film from you, titled 'Pathology' - everything seems to be fine.

I'll drop you an email so you can follow up with any specific worries, but it's worth noting for anyone else: I'll see messages left here, or feel free to email

Colin wrote, on 18 April, 2010:

Hi, when does the paperwork have to be received by? I've submitted my film, but have been unable to get everyone together to sign the forms. Is it alright if I post them on Tuesday or so, arriving by Thursday/Friday?


Jonathan wrote, on 18 April, 2010:

That's absolutely fine, Colin - drop the paperwork in the post as soon as you can, but don't worry about it being a few days late. We'll consider your film as having been submitted before the deadline because, well, it was.

Colin wrote, on 20 April, 2010:

Hi, sorry - just one more question. Our video contains original content except for a short sound effect. I found this from a website of royalty-free sound effects, but I can no longer find the website to reference. Any chance I can re-upload my video without the sound effect?

Thanks again.

Jonathan wrote, on 21 April, 2010:

Probably best to re-upload the film, yes. You can do this through our submission system:

Log in, then select your film. If you haven't yet submitted the paperwork, do so, then click the checkbox to tell us that.

You should then be able to edit your film's details, including uploading a new version of the file. We'll pick this up automatically.

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