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Shiny new blog design!


Old SciCast blog designNotice anything different?

That’s right — no longer do you have to strain to read white text and near-invisible red links on a black background. We’ve finally rebuilt this blog so it’s more in keeping with the rest of the SciCast site. In fact, it’s even more up-to-date than the main site is, and we have all sorts of plans for things we could do with this new layout.

There will doubtless be a few niggles and problems as we work things out. We’re reasonably confident that this design isn’t more broken than the previous one, but if you spot anything that’s gone haywire, please leave a comment here or drop us a line by email.

Internet Explorer 6

OK, so things are a little funkier than we’d intended in IE6. Sorry about that. IE6 has been past its use-by date for years, so if you can, install Firefox, Chrome or IE8. They’re all much faster and more secure browsers anyway.

If you’re on a managed network and can’t update your browser, you have our sympathies. The site does still work, though, so you’re not missing much. Please note that we’re not alone in phasing out support for IE6; YouTube is about to do the same. If they can’t justify the engineering resources to support a buggy nine year-old browser, SciCast certainly can’t!

[update: we’re receiving word that things are a little funky in IE7 as well. That’s hard for me to test, but I’ll see if I can get it sorted.]

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