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If you’re struggling away with Windows Movie Maker, you might have noticed that it’s not been updated for a while. Like: years.

Windows Live Movie Maker is now available for free download from Microsoft. There’s a catch, though, in that it’s ‘not supported’ on Windows XP. It’s not clear if this means it won’t run at all, but on the face of it you need Windows Vista or Windows 7.

We’ll be downloading it and trying it out just as soon as SciCast Orbiting World Headquarters gets its broadband back (you wouldn’t believe how hard it is for BT to run a cable up here). If you beat us to it, leave a comment to let us know how you get on.


The QCA have a consultation going on right now about how science is taught in the UK. Contributing means completing a rather large questionnaire, during the Summer break.

SciCast supporter, teacher, and film-maker Alom Shaha is a bit miffed about the way this is being done, so he’s rolled up his sleeves and taken matters into his own hands. He’s hosting an open forum for opinions and discussion at his site The QCA have assured him they’ll read his summary of responses; he’s hoping to collect contributions from rather more teachers than they do.

If you’re a science teacher, and you have something to say, please do take a look at the site, leave comments if you’re so moved, and consider writing up your own thoughts to add to the conversation. You can contact Alom by email:

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