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2009 trophies


We liked last year's trophies, they're good weighty things that look terrific in a display case, but up close some of them were a little wonky. Now, the best SciCast films also tend to be a little scruffy around the edges, so we weren't worried, but we knew we had to change the design for the big SciCast d'Or trophy for Best Film. It just about survived this photo, but it was already in several pieces by then, and it didn't survive the afternoon. Oops.

Behold, then, the test shots of the SciCast Awards 2009 - they look like this:


Oooh! Shiny!

Don't bother trying to peep at the engraved names, by the way - you won't find out who the 2009 winners are. Judging has only just started, so the trophies haven't even been made yet.

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Adam wrote, on 26 February, 2009:

What about categories? Has it been decided what and how many categories will be this year?

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