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Not as quiet as we look


I know it looks like nothing much is happening around here, but beneath the surface we’re paddling away at full speed. The submission form is working overtime handling the online part of the entry process, and we’re getting increasingly excited by the piles of parcels arriving in the post.

And yes, it is ‘piles’ this year, plural. A couple of weeks ago you had us worried, and it’s not a flood of entries (we’ll leave the hyperbole to the press), but we’ve seen a steady stream of submission in the last few days. It’s hard to know for sure until everything’s physically in our grubby mitts, but we think we’re already ahead of last year’s total… and last year, the majority of entries came right up against the deadline. Is twice last year’s total on the cards? More? Maybe?

Something like 40 films are winging their way into the national competition from last week’s terrific local event in Richmond, and a school in Wimbledon have gone completely crazy and submitted — frankly, I’ve lost count, so don’t hold me to this — ten films all on their own. Good effort, we say.

It’s lovely to see so many entrants from last year come back with more; there are lots of names I recognise from our first Awards. Perhaps even more welcome, however, are all the submitters pointing their lenses in our direction for the first time. There are a gratifying number of schools and other groups we’ve never heard of, which is terrific news. Welcome, all!

Keep the films coming. They’ll start to trickle through onto the website soon, and the trickle will turn into — oh, drat, I’ve backed myself into a corner there — a flood [wince] in January.

Deadline: 9th January
Entry process: starts here.

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