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Media from last Friday’s Awards event is starting to come through: Coseley.TV, nominated in the ‘Best Unpublishable Film’ category, have put together a terrific film about their trip to London. It includes a taste of the ceremony, an interview with their local radio station, and even a little sightseeing.



Friday’s SciCast Awards event made the news bulletins on Irish broadcaster RTÉ last Friday - story here. Scroll down for a link to the clip, which requires Real Player.

The team from St. Joseph’s College in Lucan, County Dublin, flew over for the event and to celebrate their nomination in the Physics category with ‘Central Locking’. They were pipped to the trophy, but seemed to be having a blast when I caught up with them afterwards.

Thanks to the IoP in Ireland for pointing us to the story online; we look forward to a deluge of entries for 2009!


The winners of the Planet SciCast Awards 2008 are as follows:

Best Film by an All-Adults Team
Combustion and Stoichiometry — Helston Science

Best Technical and Artistic Achievement
Refraction — Vibrant Films

Best Unpublishable Film
Bermuda Triangle — M & H Productions

Best Film by a Team which includes Primary School Students
Around the Universe in 2.5 Minutes — Marshions

Best Chemistry Film
Combustion and Stoichiometry — Helston Science

Best Biology Film
Grow Your Own Body Parts — Queen Mary

Best Engineering Film
Magnets and Rollercoasters — Team Go

The Institute of Physics’ Best SciCast Physics Film
Physics of Roundabouts — Dizzy

Best Entertainment Film
Refraction — Vibrant Films

Best Film, the Juror’s Grand Prize
Physics — Stronger Than The People Who Study It? — Starlink

Congratulations to all the winners, who walked away from the ceremony with £250 of Amazon vouchers, personal medals, and rather elegantly blocky team trophies. Apart from the overall winners, who got to pose gingerly with their trophy, which was held together with elastic bands. We’ll sort that out for them shortly.

Congratulations also to all the nominees for making it to the final stage. The jury’s voting was extremely close in every category, which is a testament to the terrific quality of the films submitted in this first year.

Huge thanks to everyone who came, both nominees and supporters. It was a magical event, and we’ve never seen hotdogs inhaled so quickly.

We’ll have photos and video from the event very soon, stay tuned… and remember: we’re already taking entries for SciCast 2008/9.

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