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Yesterday we hit something of a modest milestone — the first time we’ve managed to add a dozen new films in a day, thus refreshing the entire front page of the site. These are all competition entries, too.

Regional judging for the physics category is underway via the Institute of Physics branches; that’ll take a short while to coordinate, and then we’ll compile the shortlists for all the categories. Now be warned — we might hold off on announcing the shortlists until we have firm plans for the Awards Ceremony, so don’t hold your breath. Well, you can hold your breath if you like, but make sure somebody’s filming you — we want to see if you really do turn blue.

We’re talking about some absolutely amazing possible venues for the Ceremony. OK, we can’t quite afford them, but we’re talking about them anyway. Expect glamour. Expect glitz. Expect… well, maybe not many celebrities, but you never know, right?

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