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Speaking of other competitions


We’re aware of two other contests for short science films you might like to enter.

The first is being run by New Scientist to promote their new book How to Fossilise Your Hamster. Their video rules are fairly similar to SciCast’s — your film will be easily short enough, though:

“You need to include a concise explanation of what you are filming and it should be something that can be done, in or around the home.”

Great prizes, by the way. Deadline is 31st December, with entries via YouTube.

The second contest is Sci-Film 2008, being held as part of the Wrexham Science Festival in March. As a short film festival, the prize is being selected to be shown in the festival itself; entry deadline is 15th February.

Again, films you submit to SciCast should be eligible — and if you wanted to expand on your theme they’ll allow you up to 10 minutes.

Good luck!

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