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Earth: The Power of the Planet

Iain Stewart's new series continues on BBC2 tonight, at 9pm. Why do we care? Firstly because Iain's a genuinely nice guy, and secondly because last week's show was rather good, but mostly because he's one of SciCast's brilliant judging panel.

OK, so it's going to be hard to match Stewart's globe-trotting series with your own earth science film (anyone taking a Christmas break near a handy volcano? No?), but check out the geodes film for an idea of the sort of thing you might manage yourself.

Make a film, send it in, and If it's any good we'll make Iain watch it.

Hey, you could even try pinching an idea from his series, and see if he notices.

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SP wrote, on 11 December, 2007:

Iain Stewart rocks!!

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