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CBBC Me & My Movie

Me and my movie.pngWe're not the only ones running a web video competition, of course. One that ran over the summer is CBBC's Me and My Movie. The site (nominated for an interactive BAFTA last night, no less) is very slick, though frustratingly slow to use when you're trying to find something specific. There also aren't very many films, at least that I could find.

Probably the best part for SciCasters is the excellent film-makers' pack, a PDF download that's beautifully designed, and full of useful hints and tips on making your own films. Click 'How to' to get it at the CBBC site, or bypass the nifty animation via this link (right-click to download).

My only caveat is that it's written very much for people making drama. SciCast films (usually) need a whole lot less planning – you're better off just getting on with it, then using any spare time you have while editing to think about whether you need to re-shoot any part of your film.

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